Thursday, August 7, 2008

The 4th of July

We decided this year for the 4th, we would take the kids to see the Balloon Festival in Provo at 6:00 AM. Tyler loves hot air balloons (all balloons for that matter, and kites, and hang gliders and so forth). We tried last summer to see the balloons at Antelope Island but they were all gone by the time we arrived. So the kids had been looking forward to this for almost a full year. For weeks, Tyler continually asked when it was going to be time to see the hot air balloons.
Unfortunately this day ended up not being so good for me. It turned out that I came down with a double ear infection, was terribly sick for about 8 days (3 days I could barely get out of bed) and didn't get my hearing back for almost 4 weeks. It was difficult but thanks to Lortab, I managed to make it through the 4th and went to all the planned events (balloon festival, Provo parade and the Miley Cyrus concert at The Stadium of Fire) . The next morning I went straight to the urgent care.

The family together as the balloons prepare for liftoff.

Nathan also really got into the balloons. He was a little
more expressive than Tyler. Tyler loved them all but was
a little overwhelmed and didn't show quite the same enthusiasm.

Marty & Mini Marty

We went to the balloon festival with the Wimmer's and the Jones'.
The kids were all troopers to be up that early.

Tyler & Riley together.

Cameron & Gracie together.

Tyler & Riley giving hugs.

All the Sandgren grandkids together for dinner at Grandma

and Grandpa's before heading off to Stadium of Fire.

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