Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Swim Lessons & T-ball

Here are some pictures from swim lessons and t-ball this summer. I started the update and never got around to finishing it until now.
This is Gracie's 3rd year taking swim lessons with Jan and finally Tyler is old enough to join her. Jan and all the teachers do such a great job, the kids just love them. I was very nervous to see how Tyler was going to do with swim lessons this summer. He has always been a little frightened of the water, particularly putting his head under. We did two sessions at the beginning of the summer, but it wasn't until this last session at the end that things really improved. I am happy to say that he loves to put his head under. We didn't master any actual swimming but at least he is not frightened and will be ready next year to learn how to swim on his own. Gracie is a little fish and loves to swim. She has always done really well with swimming and now she is working on the different strokes.

Gracie waiting for her turn on the side of the pool.
Tyler giving a big smile while sitting on the "island" with his class.

Everyday we went to lessons Tyler would stand outside the gate and cry
"I don't want to go to swim lessons." Jan would come out and either carry
him in or hold his hand and go find the little plastic Bruce (shark from
Nemo) toys for Tyler to hold during class. As long as he had Jan and his
Brucie's,he was fine. The last day he told me"I love Jan, she's my best
friend." They formed a very special friendship, it was cute.

Tyler floating on his back with Jan.
Practicing his "Santa belly".
Gracie practicing her straight leg kicks with the paddle board.

Doing a little side breathing on her freestyle stroke.
Something she still finds to be a little challenging.

Tyler jumping off the diving board, okay, getting
thrown off the diving board. He did it one time the first week
and never wanted to have anything to do with it again.
However, dad came this very last day so Tyler did it to show dad.

Not real happy, but he did do it.
It was really sweet, the kids, teachers and
parents all cheered for him. It was a big moment.

Gracie patiently waiting for her turn to jump off the diving
board. This is her favorite part of class, after she does a dive,
she gets to do her "run jump" into the pool.
I tried to take a picture, but it was a big blur.

Gracie going down the slide, something Tyler was never willing to do.
We finally finished the T-ball season for Gracie and I having a feeling it was the first and last of her baseball career. We realized early on that Gracie was not really in to T-ball. She wanted to do it since several other kids from the neighborhood were doing it too. I personally have to say that I am glad to be finished with the 8:00 AM Saturday morning games. The very first game was wet and cold. Gracie complained the whole time she was cold and tired. The following week was then too hot. We never were able to get a game with a reasonable temperature.
Most of the time Gracie liked to look at her nails or play with her earrings rather than actually run after a ball. There were a few times she got in some good throws, but we had to bribe her with a quarter for each ball she got. I think she only earned about $2.00 for the whole season. Batting wasn't too bad, but she didn't like to wait for her turn. Plus, hitting the ball was a little easier than catching it. She had some great swings. I think it's just a little slow moving for her style. She has decided that dance, gymnastics and swimming are the things she would like to stick with and I'm okay by that.

Working to get just the right t-ball stance.
Look at that swing! Do you see the concentration?!?!
That is when the tongue sneaks out.
There's the tongue again!

Manning first base, gotta get that ball home.

Nice throw!

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