Monday, March 3, 2008

Nathan's First Birthday

I can't believe that a whole year has gone by since Nathan was born. His birthday is actually February 16th, but we had to postpone his birthday party due to sick kids. We feel so blessed to have this sweet, happy, smiley and very active child as part of our family. He brings many smiles to all of us, even when he is destroying everything that lies in his path. Hence my frequent referrals to him as the "miniature tornado". He has been walking now for about a month and a half, and boy can he get around quick. The other nickname he most frequently is referred to is "monkey." It originated at birth when he had a little layer of fuzz on his back. Even though the fuzz is long gone, he still bares a resemblance to the cute little monkey, Curious George. His personality is rather fitting as well. He is always on the go, a little mischievous and quite the climber, particularly out of his high chair. This is how the party theme came about. Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

The cakes mom made before Nathan got to dive in.

Nathan and his very own self portrait,
in the form of a cake.

Initially he was very delicate and dainty.

Rather uncharacteristic. He kept looking around

to make sure it was okay to touch it. The first

move was straight to the M & M eyes.

It didn't take long before he became really comfortable

playing in the banana cake and chocolate frosting.

The fun had to finally come to an end once he
started throwing chunks of cake across the room.

What a sight!!
Don't worry, that's chocolate frosting
running down his legs.

Making the mess was a lot more fun than the clean up.

"Look how cute I am in my monkey shirt!"

Patiently waiting for the party to come to an end
so he can claim the giant Curious George
balloon he has been coveting for hours.

Gracie, Nathan & Tyler celebrating with blown horns.
Lucky for mom, they now come in the
wonderfully silent version.