Monday, April 28, 2008

A Visit From Cheetah Princess

Last week Gracie comes upstairs dressed in this lovely ensemble. I am preparing dinner when she comes up to me and asks in her most sophisticate princess-like voice "Excuse me Ma'am, is this your hotel?" A little confused I answer "Yes?" She proceeds to tell me that her name is Cheetah Princess and she would like to spend the night in our hotel. We were having some friends coming for dinner and to watch the Jazz game. Her next question to me is "When will your guests be arriving for dinner this evening?" of course, still in full character. So I play along and this continues to go on for a bit. A few minutes later she asks me where my daughter is. I say "She is playing at a friend's house, but there is a picture over there if she would like to see her." This was my favorite part. She proceeds to say "Wow, your daughter is very beautiful." I had to work rather hard to keep from busting out laughing. I'm glad to see she has self confidence. Only at age 5 is this considered cute and funny rather than arrogant.

Cheetah Princess has continued to come around quite frequent the last week. I must say that I quite enjoy when she comes to visit. Lately we have had some issues with Gracie throwing around a lot of attitude and getting super sassy. Not to mention that I question whether she is suffering from hearing loss or just choices to ignore everything I say to her. But it seems to be a much more pleasant environment when she and I are pretending to be someone other than who we really are. There is a lot less sass and a lot more willingness to be a big helper around the house and with the boys. Plus, I think I am a lot more patient when I have to be in my character. My roles do alternate between the Cheetah Queen and the Inn Keeper. I think life just must be easier when you get to escape reality if even for a moment.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Catching Up on Easter & April

Yes, I have gotten a little behind on keeping our blog current. Now it's time to play catch-up. Easter began a few weeks early for us. Many of Marty's family members were out of town on Easter so we celebrate two weeks early. That was rather odd seeing how Easter was already very early this year (3rd week of March). Fortunately it was a beautiful day and we were able to hunt for eggs outside.

Nathan trying to eat plastic eggs. He LOVED the candy!

Faith & Gracie enjoying all their candy.

Riley, Tyler & Brody wresting together.

The same Sunday, we decided that Nathan's hair was just getting way too long and maybe we should give him a buzz. Since Auntie Erika is a pro, buzzing Jeremy and Riley once a month, we let her have the honors. She was also the one with the fabulous idea to give him a lollipop to keep him occupied during the process. This was the greatest trick ever! He sat still and content the whole time. He could have cared less what was going on, on top of his head.

The following Saturday, we held our annual neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. The kids had a blast despite the cold, winter-like March morning. At least we didn't have to hide them in the snow. And whatever will we do when the neighborhood actually finishes construction and we no longer have an empty cul-de-sac.

Waiting for the rest of the kids to arrive, about 50+ in total.

Cameron, Lizzy & Gracie getting cheesy for the camera.

Luke, Tyler, Adam & Riley immediately dive into the candy!

The egg hunts continue as we actually hit the week of Easter. Buy the time it was all said and done, I think the kids had 5 Easter Egg Hunts. Since we had more than enough candy by that time, the Easter Bunny filled the eggs in our backyard with money. The kids thought that was pretty cool, so I think that may become a family tradition from now on. Easter Sunday was pretty mellow since we had completed all of our "parties" by this time. We went to church in the morning and colored some eggs in the afternoon. We continued to have eggs hunts on Sunday and several days to follow. The kids, Gracie especially, loved to hide the eggs and make someone go look for them. She and Tyler even did an egg hunt for Mom and Dad. And let the record show, it was a timed race and Mom won with the most eggs!

The kids dressed in their new Easter outfits.

Tyler & Nathan matched all the boys in the neighborhood.

It's official, The Children's Place is where to go for boys Easter clothes.

Nathan hammin it up in his new digs.

Gracie & Tyler's coloring "egg"stravaganza

Two weeks ago Gracie participated in the Spring Dance Concert for The Dance Club. Many hours of regular practice, dress rehearsals, tech rehearsals, etc. paid off. She did a great job and kept a smile on her face through the whole performance. She had a great time dancing to "Roller Coaster Ride" from Lilo and Stitch. The boys really struggled to make it through the concert. They made it through her dance and then Dad dashed them home. Even Mom and Gracie weren't able to make it through all 3 hours, even though all the dancers were fantastic, especially the older "company" dancers.

Gracie and her special flower bouquet.

Gracie, Jacelin & Regina getting ready back stage.