Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Fun

Yes, again, I have become very behind on updating the blog. However, despite my lack of updating, we have been having a lot of fun this summer. Hopefully I will soon get around to pictures of the 4th, swim lessons and so forth.

Back in the spring when we finally got a nice day with some sunshine, a bunch of the neighbors took the kids to the park to enjoy the nice weather. Tyler is at that age now that he is rather difficult to get a half way decent picture. If he knows you are taking a picture he either wants nothing to do with you or he tries to see just how goofy he can be. I happened to have my camera in the car and thought that just maybe I could get some cute pictures of him if he was playing and didn't know what I was up to. At first it was still rather challenging and then he started to enjoy himself and I was able to get some cute pictures of the boys.

Tyler holding Nathan as they go down the slide. Not that Nathan
needed any help. He is fearless and usually goes head first.

Kindergarten Field Trip to the Zoo

Near the end of the school year, I had the fortunate pleasure of assisting in the chaperoning 200 5 & 6 year olds to the Hogle Zoo. We first started on the bus from the school to the zoo. That alone was quite an adventure, just imagine 60 plus kids all asking "How much longer?" all at the same time. Fortunately, Jenna and Lindsay were also chaperone's and we did get to hang out together. Jenna and I joined forces and watched to nine kids together.

Gracie & Mom on the bus together.

Hailey, Gracie & Abby sharing a seat.
The group of kids I was responsible for.
Gracie, Kevin, Cooper, Hailey and Caleb.

Gracie loved the penguins. She just did her report for school
on penguins (that mom researched) and made her first diorama (which
mom mostly made). How many more years of homework do I have?

All the kids posing under the elephant. Of course,
it is always a contest to see who can make the goofiest face.

Sariah, Kevin & Gracie inside a dinosaur egg.

Gabby and Gracie getting ready to perform their "stick dance."

Gracie and Mrs. Judd on the last day of school.
She really loved her teacher this year and will greatly miss her.
She started crying weeks before school was over when she realized
that Mrs. Judd wouldn't be teaching next year. She is expecting a
baby girl soon and will be moving with her husband to
New Mexico for him to start graduate school.

The 1st annual Heather Moor, Last Day of School, whipped cream fight.
Gracie did not like the idea of getting sprayed with a can of whipped cream.

She was perfectly fine with spraying others, but screamed

like a baby when someonetried to get her. Tyler was down right

terrified and wouldn't come near anyone.

Just a cute picture of Nathan in the bath I had to throw in.

Tyler looking like a "big boy" He's growing up so fast.

Tyler with his best friend "Cheetah"
There is nothing better than sucking those fingers and sniffing the tip of
Cheetah's tail. It doesn't matter that one sniff will make any other person
gag, but he loves it and refuses to let me wash away that wonderful smell.

Lagoon Day For Mom & Gracie

Marriott was doing an employee Lagoon day, but unfortunately Marty left that morning for scout camp. There was no way I was about to tackle 3 kids at Lagoon on my own, so I decided to make it a girls day out. Gracie and I had a lot of fun together. Some of the big rides were still a little scary for her (Wild Mouse, The Bat and The Umbrellas were some I got her to go on but she wasn't too happy with me). She says next year we'll do the White Roller Coaster and Colossus, but she had the most fun in the kid section and of coarse, riding the Sky Ride back and forth. She chose a few special necklaces in the "junk store" to remember the day together.

Waiting in line at Rattlesnake Rapids.

The boys playing in the back yard.
Nathan, Tyler, Adam and Luke

Adam thought he was funny standing over the sprinkler!

Tyler spraying the kids with the sprinkler and Luke with his "sword."

Gracie & Cameron running through the sprinklers together.

Taking a break for sun bathing.

Gracie & Megan together outside the theater after seeing
Kit Kitteredge: The American Girl.

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Brandi said...

Your kids are getting so big from when I last saw them. They are all so cute. Looks like a fun summer!