Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Pictures of the Kids

The kids finally had new pictures taken this year. It was Nathan's nap time so he struggled a little more than the other two, but I was pleased the photographer was able to get one really good picture of him. It was a little harder getting a good one of all three together but there was one that turned out pretty well. Thanks to Mel Howlett, she did a great job!

Gracie - Age 6
Tyler - Age 3 (almost 4)

Nathan - 18 Months

Monday, October 20, 2008

This And That...

Tyler went on his very first preschool field trip. They went to the fire station and boy did he think it was great! It's been over a month and he is still telling people about it. Not to mention that every time we drive by the fire station he has to point out that was where he had his field trip and check to see if the fire truck is out. And right now that is a lot, since he has Itty Bitty Football twice a week across the street.

Tyler sitting inside the truck.

Tyler was able to take a special picture with
the firefighters since he was in the bathroom for
the class picture on the fire engine.

Nathan got to join in as well.

Gracie finally lost her first tooth back at the beginning of September. She has been waiting for this day for quite some time. All of her friends had lost teeth and she was patiently awaiting her visit from the tooth fairy. Little did the tooth fairy know that she was going to go broke in one week. Gracie lost her second tooth only six days later. I was surprised to see how much the price of a tooth has gone up since I was six years old. She received $3 and a special note from the tooth fairy. The money is long gone but the note has been taped to the wall and each time the tooth fairy visits she is required to leave additional correspondence.

Tyler's birthday isn't for a few more weeks but he really wanted a bike for his birthday. We figured that if we didn't give it to him early he might have a heck of a time peddling through snow. He still can't manage to peddle his triked too well (the peddles are out too far in front) but man can he get around on that bike. I have to admit, I was a little worried he wasn't going to be able to peddle it either.

Back in August Gracie had been dying to take off her training wheels so finally one Saturday I took her out for a spin. She did great!!! It only took about 10 minutes to get her to balance on her own. She had some great support and cheering from older, non-training wheel neighbors to get her on her way. She tipped over once or twice but it wasn't until last week that she had her first real fall. She was getting all fancy with tricks and standing up. We've been fortunate with some pretty good weather the last few weeks so we have spent a lot of time riding bikes. I think Tyler asks me 4-5 times a day if we can go ride bikes. I'm kind of looking forward to some cold weather so I can stay in the house and get something done.

Tyler and his new Spiderman bike.

Look! No more training wheels!

Nathan's got his bike too. Well, not anymore.

Dad ran over it on Saturday and broke off a wheel.

Nathan thinks he's hysterical when he wears

Gracie's helmet. Look Dad, it's pink!

Kevin & Tyler at Itty Bitty Football.

Marty hopes he's his ticket to the NFL.

Here they go chasing Tyler. The only problem is

he refuses to wear the flags so they just keep going.