Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gracie's 6th Birthday

I can't believe Gracie is 6 years old. It really does seem just like yesterday she came into this world and started our little family. We've been celebrating for almost a whole week! The night before her birthday, uncle Chad took her out for a special birthday dinner at IHOP, just the two of them. On her birthday, Marty took the day off and started the morning by taking her to breakfast. The phones were ringing off the hook to wish Gracie Happy Birthday, but she was already off playing with friends and showing them her new American Girl doll, Kit. This is a gift she has been anxiously awaiting for several months.
We had our last day of swim lessons and it was a special treat to have dad come watch. Gracie and Tyler have done great this summer. Gracie is a little fish and an excellent swimmer. Tyler is slowly overcoming his fear of the water and has made tremendous progress. After we got home from swim lessons, Tyler wanted to watch the video I had been taking at the pool. During this time I was baking the cake for Gracie's party. Marty informed Gracie (mostly mocking) that mom spent almost a month making the cake for her first birthday. Gracie asked if she could see the cake, so Marty started looking through tapes and found the one of her very first birthday party. We had a great time going back and reminiscing. We also watched the day she was born and several other important moments of her wonderful little life. We are so blessed to have her sweet little spirit in our lives and love her so very much. Sometimes she can be a handful with her strong will and spirited personality, but we still love her anyway!
We had a Camp Rock party on Saturday with nine of her little girl friends. They were absolutely hysterical! I had made a stage for them to perform songs from the Camp Rock "Final Jam." But before the performing began we had to make them into rock stars. We had make-up, body glitter, nail polish, pink hair and lip stick, what more could you need. The girls had a great time and so did I. We finished up the party festivities with the Sandgren family Sunday afternoon with a small family dinner. I have to say, I'm pretty worn out after all of this. We finally took down the streamers and balloons today.
Gracie, I hope you had a great birthday. I love you so much!
Gracie & her new doll, Kit.
They now go everywhere together.
Ever since the movie came out, Gracie has talked about
wanting to have a Camp Rock birthday party. I made VIP
concert passes for the invitations. Gracie wore hers for days.

I had a hard time coming up with the cake for
the Camp Rock theme. The electric guitar seemed to work.
It ended up being a lot easier than I was expecting.
All the girls after getting on their "rock star" make-up.

Rubee, Gracie & Rebecca rockin out!
Lizzy, Cameron & Rebecca
Cameron wins for best rocker!
She rocked so hard until she gave herself a massive headache.
Bella & Gracie
All the girls with their gifts.
Gracie loved all the presents, especially the make-up!
YIKES!! 6 going on 16!

Getting ready for cake.

Gracie, her new Webkins & her cake.
She almost had them out in one blow.
Gracie & Lexi.
Still rockin' on after the party ended.
Gracie couldn't wait to put on her new nightie.
She was so excited to match all the other girls in the neighborhood.
Now we can throw away her ratty Cinderella nightgown!

Dinner with the cousins.

Tyler, Brody, Austin, Faith & Gracie

Thanks for Kit's dress and her dog "Grace".

That was the first thing she said after opening the doll.

"Aren't there clothes for her to change into?"


Heather Jones said...

So cute I love the cake it sounds like they had a blast. YOu are so creative to make a stage for them my girls would have been in heaven. It was so good to see you the other day. Glad you updated your blog it is about time!!

Kelie said...

Happy Birthday! What a darling party and cake! you are so good katrina!

The Christensen Family said...

Of course -- you are always the hostess with the mostest! Love the photos - so happy to see them since I had to miss out on the actual festivities! Bella loved it! And the cake?! Stop it! Loves...
ps. Isn't it funny that their celebrations last so long? I am so on that program this year! :)

Laurie said...

That was such a cute party! They had a great time. You always go above and beyond!

Judd Family said...


It is Gentry or Mrs. Judd! Happy Birthday Gracie! It was fun to see pictures of Gracie and some of the other girls in my class. Please keep in touch. Our blog is coryandgentryfamily.blogspot.com

Kerri said...

Katrina!! it was so good to hear from you! It has been way too long. You have such a darling family! And what a great idea for a party, it looks like they were having a great time!

AMiller said...

Okay - I am a little late commenting here. I dropped Cassidy off at that party and I was totally impressed. Can you plan my kids' parties?

Hey - for commenting (and faster loading) try going to web.me.com/timmiller instead of the web.mac.com one. I had to switch over. Hopefully that fixes the problem.