Monday, September 8, 2008

First Day of School

Yesterday was Tyler's first day of preschool!!! He was a little nervous about me leaving him but he did great and had a blast with his friends. Gracie started school 3 weeks earlier which made it very difficult for him having her gone all day long and not being able to go to his school. As for me, this was a great day! I now have two days a week where I can go to the store with only ONE child, yeah!!!
Tyler getting ready to go into Miss Mikki's.

Gracie, waiting for the bus.
Now in first grade, she gets to go all day long.
Her new teacher is Mrs. Stone.
Lizzy and Gracie waiting together for the bus.

Caleb, Riley, Adam, Luke & Tyler.

Of the 12 kids in Tyler's preschool class, 9 are in our neighborhood.

Tyler and his Spiderman balloon.

I told him that if he was good for Miss Mikki

and didn't cry, that I would bring him back a treat.

Well, guess what he asked for.... a balloon.
Shocking, I know.

Gracie getting off the bus after her first full day of school!