Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween 2008

This year Gracie chose to be a witch.
But it had to be a "pretty" witch.

We tried to talk Tyler in to being something else this year,
but he still insisted on being a "Home Depot Guy" again this year.
Dad's keeping the Nascar spirit alive.


The kids insisted that Nathan be a monkey, it IS his nickname

and all. Thanks to Riley for saving it for us to borrow.

Tyler and all his preschool class.

Reagan and Gracie at school. The Pretty Witches.

Cameron, Lizzie, Rubee & Gracie

They had their first performance for the AF Children's Choir.

It was freezing that night but they all did a great job despite

the chattering teeth.

Tyler, Dad and Nathan trying to stay warm at the concert.

Family Halloween party at the Livingston's.

All the cousins in costume.

The boys, getting ready for pumpkin carving.

Gracie & Faith carving together.

Gracie loves pulling out the seeds so we can roast them afterwards.

She also enjoys the slimy process.

Austin & Brody hard at work.


Heather Jones said...

She is a very cute witch even though it was not Glenda maybe next year right. They all look darling in their costumes.

Judd Family said...

Your kids are SO cute! Tell Miss Gracie I said hello and that she was the prettiest witch I have EVER seen!

Jeff said...

heheh.. notice you have jackets on.
I was in bare feet.