Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Pictures of the Kids

The kids finally had new pictures taken this year. It was Nathan's nap time so he struggled a little more than the other two, but I was pleased the photographer was able to get one really good picture of him. It was a little harder getting a good one of all three together but there was one that turned out pretty well. Thanks to Mel Howlett, she did a great job!

Gracie - Age 6
Tyler - Age 3 (almost 4)

Nathan - 18 Months


Brandi said...

Wow Katrina nice job on the kids, they are beautiful!! I love the pics.

AMiller said...

Great pics. It is pretty obvious that Gracie knows she is beautiful. Wow, beautiful and willful, what are you guys going to do?

Jeff said...

wow! the kids have changed a ton since i lived there!

Jeff M.

Darin and Jen said...

Amazing pic's! I love them, and it always helps to have adorable children!!

Heather Jones said...

Those are so darling I love the boys with motorcycle and car props too cute!! Gracie looks beautiful!! I so need to get new pictures of my kids!!

Jen said...

Wow! Great pics! The kids are adorable! Oh, and I love your new background!