Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tyler's Shiner

So last Tuesday I was at the gym in the middle of cycling class when the woman from the day care pops her head in the room holding up the sign with my name written on it. I'm not exaggerating when I say that 60-70% of the time I am at the gym, Nathan poops! I was in the back corner, so she didn't see me getting off the bike to come down and change him. As I'm about half way down the stairs I hear them paging my name over the loud speaker. The first thought in my mind is "Hold your freaking horses, I'm COMING!" I had to first go to the locker room and grab the diaper and wipes. When I get in there and wait for them to open the gate, the girl at the front looks at me and says, "Are you Katrina Sandgren?" I'm thinking wow this must be a really bad diaper. I answer "Yes, is Nathan poopy?" The girl right behind her who knows me and the kids says in a sad tone "No, it's Tyler, he's over here and he's hurt!" They are all apologizing to me as I coming to see him. As far as we can understand from Tyler is he went down the slide and someone must not have waited for him to get off and they kicked him in the eye as they came down. It really was quite a sight. It was SO swollen!! They joked how it looked like he had a third eyeball. It was also bleeding just a little bit from the abrasion of the shoe. Tyler was so sweet just sitting there. He looks up at me and says "Mommy, I got an owie." He wasn't even crying. The crying had only lasted a couple seconds when they first got to him. Gracie was on the playground as well and when she heard him crying she quickly ran to his side. When she saw him she realized she needed reinforcement and quickly went to get help. They said he only cried for a second and said "I think I need my mommy." His eye looked so bad that it was hard to look at him for too long with out getting nauseous and having to turn away. He reminded me of Slaw, the deformed creature, from the movie Goonies.

So needless to say, I was not able to finish my workout that day. I tried to get him to rest and take it easy but he wasn't interested. He was so tuff and brave, it didn't slow him down at all. I wanted to take a picture right as we got home but I had loaned out my camera and wasn't able to get it back later, but these pictures still show it pretty well. However, by the time I took the picture, it looked about 100 times better. Now as the days have gone by it has turned to every color in the rainbow. This isn't his first black eye, but it is definatley the worse.

Day 2
About 100 times better than day 1

Day 4

We have now moved on to all the colors of the rainbow but the swelling has gone down a ton, and he just got his summer buzz. The next day it turned blue under his eye as well.


Heather Jones said...

Dang that is a good one!! What a tough boy!! Jordan always has a new bump somewhere I swear boys never stop. Give me a call and we will set something up I am really tried and ready to be done but would still be up for getting together.

JR and Kelie said...

oh man! what a shiner! looks like you are keeping busy and that gracie is so dang cute! great job to marty, way to go on the marathon!

Tawnya said...

hahaha...slaw from goonies..that is hilarious! Man that kid is one tough cookie! Poor guy!