Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We Have Babies!

Our baby birds have hatched! About 3 weeks ago on a Saturday morning I found a bird nest. I was doing some cleaning in the kitchen when I continually heard very loud chirping. It sounded as though there was a bird in the house. Each time I heard it I went to the front door to see if I could find the bird. As I would open the door I could see a little bird flying away. I thought we might have a nest somewhere up high on the front porch but I couldn't see anything. This happened 3-4 times before I realized the little bird had made a nest in the wreath hanging on the front door. You can imagine how surprised I was to find a little egg laying in the nest. We showed Gracie and Tyler the egg. They thought it was the greatest thing ever. It became quite a challenge keeping them from constantly opening the door to see the bird. I finally told them that they needed to leave the mommy bird alone or she was going to peck their eyes out. Aren't I a scary mom, but it worked! For four days the mom came back each morning and laid another egg. Each night before going to bed the kids would go to the front door and say "Good night little bird, good night little babies." Well, they finally hatched a few days ago. The whole thing is very cute but I have to say that the baby birdies are rather ugly. I'm sure they will look a little better once they get their feathers. I feel like we have been doing our own little science project at home. Gracie loves taking pictures to her class so they can enjoy in the fun too.


Darin and Jen said...

So cool!1 And way fun for the kids! I'm going to miss our wild life when we leave Ohio. We often have ducks,sqirrels,groundhogs,and rabbits in our backyard!

The Gardner Family said...

k how neat is this. You have baby birds. your kids have got to love this. so neat. how is your tennis arm feeling. we are starting on tennis on june 7th. We would love to have you!!

Jamie said...

That is so fun. I hope they can find another place to live soon or you may have to use another door!