Saturday, February 9, 2008

Gracie's Kindergarten Sledding Party

A couple weeks ago Gracie's school decided to do a sledding party for the kindergarten classes. I took Tyler and went to help out with her class. We had a blast along with all the other kids. Gracie's teacher, Mrs. Judd, was joining in with the kids. She also recruited her husband to come help out. They were just like giant kids themselves. The both of them were sledding down the hill, head first with students on there backs. Definitely a great time for all!

Gracie getting a push from Cory, Mrs. Judd's husband.

Rubee & Gracie

Gabby & Gracie

Gracie & Mrs. Judd

Riding on Mrs. Judd's back!!

Mrs. Judd with Faith and Rubee.

Gabe just chillin out on the hill. He wasn't too thrilled about taking pictures, however, he was more cooperative than Andrew.

Tyler was a little nervous at first, this was his first time sledding. He only wanted to go down with mom. It wasn't long before he got the hang of it and no longer had a need for me.

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