Monday, February 25, 2008

Dunns Come To Town - Part 2

So it has taken a little time to finish documenting the Dunns visit. Saturday was filled with lots of fun sledding and playing at Kangaroo Zoo. It was fun for everyone but Allie. She was so sick she wasn't able to leave the house. Dane had to be the single father and brave the kids on his own, he did a great job!

All the kids inside the mouth of the alligator. Really, Tyler was having fun.

Gracie and Autumn climbing the giant slide.

Tyler on the giant slide, his now favorite attraction. A year ago
he was deathly afraid of the slide. For months he would only
go on someones lap, but now he is a pro!!

Autumn enjoying the giant slide.

Carson and Tyler showing off their blue tongues
after enjoying some ring pops.

Family snow picture after sledding. Sorry Nathan, you had
finally gone to sleep in the car and we weren't about to wake you up!

Marty, Tyler & Gracie on their way down the hill.

Nathan, making his debut in a pretty pink Snow Princess suit.
Since he has no snow clothes, this was the best the neighbors could offer.
Hey, it's better than having him scream because he's cold.

Marty giving Tyler a push. This hill has twice the size of the last sledding
hill. We were a little worried that it might be too scary for him but that
definitely wasn't the case. He laughed and giggled the whole way down.

Gracie and Autumn sledding together. They liked going down,
but weren't so thrilled about the hike back up.

Carson wasn't so big on the sledding
but he sure did like building a snowman.

Here's the gang making the climb. Carson had the right idea hitching
a ride. Gracie just couldn't bare the thought of climbing, again!

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Heather Jones said...

So much fun we have only gone sleiding once So bad I know!!Is that your brother bounce place? I know Ky's would love to play hopefully we will be better!!We should do somethingon a friday night and let the kids play!!!