Monday, January 14, 2008

I Love My Crib!!

It's not too often you find a toddler who loves their crib and refuses to get out. Tyler is now a little over 3 yrs old and still sleeps in a crib. Since he doesn't try to get out, we really haven't made the time or effort to get him a big bed.

Last week I was getting ready to take him to see his speech teacher. He had been napping and needed a few minutes to wake up. I left him in the crib, turned the lights on and told him it was time to get up. He was mad and put the pillow over his head. I went down stairs to continue getting things together. After another five minutes I went back up and told him it was time to get out and get in the car. He still didn't want to get out, but I pulled him out and laid him on the floor so when he was ready he could come down stairs. I pack everything into the car and go back up to his room. This time I find him back in the crib. He climbed in on his own and was trying to go to sleep, of coarse with his Cheetah and sucking his two fingers.


The Gardner Family said...

I love it that he is in his crib still. I think that is awsome. We have Jaden in his own bed now, but there will be times in the middle of the night we here these little foot steps coming towards us, and Jaden in up ready to go. So this is a great thing, I think.

Heather Jones said...

Since we are having a new baby Jordan better be ok going to a toddler bed because I am not buying two cribs!!He will only be 20 months when we transfer him!!! I love the picture too cute!!I still have no computer so I only get to look at blogs once a week it kills me!!

Jamie said...

If it ain't broke, don't fix it! A kid that loves the crib is a wonderful thing. When else can you put a kid in a "cage" and not be on the evening news!