Saturday, September 25, 2010

Grace's First Goal Today

(Old soccer picture, not today)

Today was an exciting day for Grace. She has really taken a liking to soccer over the last year. The league we started with didn't really offer any coaching or direction and since I never played, I was no help. Last spring we changed to a different league and she was finally learning how to play the game and develop skills. Even though she loved it last year and the team had improved a lot, they still didn't win any games. This year they have gotten together a good team of girls and a great coach. So far they have tied one game and won the other three. Today the score was 5-0 and Grace made her first goal. Dad had to go on a camping trip last night and wasn't able to be there. Right before the game started she said "What if I make my first goal today and dad's not there?" I guess she could just feel it was her time. I told her I would just have to cheer extra loud for the both of us and that is what I did. After the game was over we all went for ice cream cones to celebrate and now I owe her a dollar. That is the deal we made with her and Tyler. We'd give them a dollar for a goal scored. Great job sweetie!


Kamae said...

Way to go Grace!! You'll have to show us some of your soccer skills when we come home for Christmas.

Jen A. said...

Cute family pictures! And good job Gracie, I will have to tell Aspen!!