Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nathan's 2nd Birthday

Nathan is officially a terrible two year old!!!

Gracie and Tyler decided that Nathan would like to spend his birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. I think they were right! Nathan had a great time, along with the rest of the family. We decided just to spend the day together with our little family.

Nathan riding the ever favorite clock chair!

We're glad to see that dad & Tyler's love for Monster Trucks

has also been passed along to Nathan & Gracie.

I think the basketball game was his favorite.

He could have played it for hours!!!

After Chuck E. Cheese, we went home for cake and presents. Nathan has fallen in love with the movie, Madagascar 2. He wants to watch it all day long. Gracie and Tyler have been pretty good about letting him always choose the movie, but I think they are getting a little sick of it. He will run up to me and say "Mooie, mooie!!" That is what he calls it. What he is trying to say is "move it, move it" from the song. He really likes Alex the Lion and has the lion roar down pat. So that is why we decided to make him a lion cake.

Wouldn't you know that the cheap "party favor" was

the big hit, for all the kids. I guess we should have saved our money!

Nathan got a new trike since dad accidentally ran over the other

trike just a few weeks earlier and broke off a wheel.
Nathan & Tyler with their matching Harley's.
Playing catch with dad!


Judd Family said...

Katrina, I haven't looked at your blog for a long time! It looks like all is going well. I can't believe Gracie is going to be in 2nd grade! Tell her I said hi.

Lac said...

Oh no problem! Kiah loves Gracie and she's so much fun to be around...she's got this larger than life personality, I adore her to pieces! Cute blog BTW, I'm glad that you're a blogger. I'm mildly obsessed.